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Adler Family Practice

Adler Family Practice is unique among modern Primary Care practices. We’re tiny, community focused, and our business model allows us to schedule quickly spend additional time with our patients.

We offer extended appointment times, great access using advanced appointment scheduling methods. We now offer Walk In Appointments Mondays through Thursdays, between the hours of 5:00pm and 6:00pm.

Ethan Adler, FNP

Ethan is a dual-board certified Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner, and cares for all ages and genders, specializing in complex medical issues in adult, pediatric and adolescent patient populations. He is a transplant from Del Mar, California, calling Albuquerque home for almost a decade.

Michelle Adler, FNP

Michelle is a board-certified Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner and MBA. She is also a transplant to Albuquerque (via Florida, New York and Maryland) from St. Catherine, Jamaica, and also has called Albuquerque home for almost 10 years. She provides care for all ages and genders.

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